Hello! And welcome to Yellow Deer Designs, an illustration and paper joy company!

My name is Cáit, I am the founder and chief doodler (or illustrator when I’m feeling more professional!) at Yellow Deer Designs. Our mission is to spread joy and connection through the timeless act of card giving.

Do you remember that feeling as a child, when your Mammy would shout; “There’s post for you dear!”.

It was never a brown envelope of the boring (money seeking) king…. Remember those feelings? The exciement one little envelope could contain? The anticipation of the unknown and the knowledge that someone far away was thinking of you?

 Just you…

 Our hope is that our little brown envelopes will spread this joy and wonder,whilst caring for our planet and the people in it. 

Inspiration for our designs always come from the world immediate to us; from my three daughters and their wild, childhood adventures, my own growth into adulthood and learning to love oneself, be loved and the natural world around us all. Yellow Deer Designs is so named after my eldest daughters favourite colour, my second daughters name is Fiadh meaning “Deer” as gaelige and I’m sure, at the time in 2017 I had designs to have our third little girl!!!

I am inspired by so much, our world is so full, there is such beauty in the everyday, which is why at Yellow Deer Designs, we only print on demand, so we don’t create waste. The Card-stock we have chosen not only because of its luxurious feel, but it is uncoated, elemental chlorine free and is completely biodegradable and recyclable. The Cardstock conforms with 94/62/CE standards (heavy metal absence). The envelopes we use have already been recycled and can be again. 

Be sure and come say hello, over on instagram- it’s where sharing this story first began and where I pop up stories of my inspirations and what I get up to on a daily basis!

Thanks for being here, my dear x